HUNTER LOVINS TO SPEAK AT EARTH DAY MARIN 2012 -> A worldwide recognized leader in helping companies and communities profit from more sustainable practices, Hunter Lovins has authored and co-authored numerous books, including Brittle Power (1982), Energy Unbound (1986), Factor Four—Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use (1997), Green Development (1998), Natural Capitalism (1999), Climate Capitalism (2011) and hundreds of papers and articles.

She was named as a Time magazine “Hero for the Planet” in 2000, and a Newsweek “Green Business Icon” in 2009.Hunter has consulted for governments and the private sector, briefing senior management at such groups as Interface, Mitsubishi, Bank of America, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, and numerous utility companies. She is currently the President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a professor of business at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute and the chief insurgent of the madrone project. Earth Day Marin 2012 –