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Earth Day Marin is a free, fun, family-friendly festival dedicated to inspiring people to step up their commitment to environmental health and sustainability. More at http://www.EarthDayMarin.org

We are grateful for the hard work and great ideas of our advisors:

• Harold Abend
(Marketing & Media Consultant)
• Susan Bierzychudek
   (Green Ideals Branding & Marketing)
• Mark Stephen Chasan
   (AWE Global, Inc.)
• Kelly Dunleavy
• Tim Freundlich
(Calvert Foundation)
• Dale Godfrey
(Strategic Media Consultant)
• Susan Goldsborough
(Families for Clean Air)
• Pam Hartwell-Herrero
(Mayor of Fairfax, Tara Firma Farms Institute)
• Colleen Mahoney
(Nest Architecture StudioGreen by Design)
• Shawn Marshall
(LEAN Energy U.S., Mill Valley City Council) 
• Richard Pedemonte
   (Pedemonte & Co. Event Concessions)
• Adam Straus
(Straus Events)

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